Business and Conflict Go Hand in Hand

Business and Conflict Go Hand in Hand

Prepare for anything with a business litigation attorney in Houston, TX

You might think that all of your legal ducks are, but that might not be the case. Maybe a former employee breaches their non-compete contract or another business drags you into an intellectual property dispute. You'll need a trusted business litigation attorney from the Law Offices of Kevin A. Keeling LLC.

You can count on us for advice and representation through any business law situation in Houston, TX. We have the experience to guide you through your predicament. Speak with a business litigation attorney from our firm today.

Get up to speed on different types of disputes

A breach of contract can get messy quickly. That's why you need a skilled contract dispute attorney in Houston, TX. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of disputes involving:

  • Non-compete contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Trademark and intellectual property
  • Warranty installation and service agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Domain names

You can make the litigation or mediation process easier by hiring the right contract dispute attorney. Learn more about our firm now by calling 713-589-5646.